About Us

“The gap between what you say and what you actually do essentially determines your credibility”

Credipple is a digital startup that connects clients to trusted freelance creative and digital services

We do this by matching client briefs with available professionals, project management, hosting industry events and facilitating knowledge transfer with training and development partners.

Our goal is to positively impact the creative and cultural industry by creating trusted digital channels where informal and small businesses can represent their credibility and access business support and the job market

Our vision is to create a trusted network to make accessible the best African creative and digital services.

These are the values that guide our journey...

Activism: We understand the force that business can be in bringing social change. We charge ourselves to empower emerging voices on social issues to ensure the youth are represented and we grow together.

Confidence: To use our imagination in bold ways to solve the challenges we face and to always have a learning mentality. Losses are only lessons we apply to our growth.

Credibility: To take responsibility to deliver great work for our community and to be ready to take accountability when we fall short of that. We strive to implement the most transparent service to ensure we build trust in our community

Community: We are an inclusive community of creative and digital professionals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Credipple believes in the dreams of our community and we created this network to help support the realisation of those dreams through collaboration.

Our community management will be led with these principles both in how we engage with clients and our professionals.